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BöttcherTex Ultima

New premium cleaning web

Like our other cleaning webs, BöttcherTex Ultima is a waterjet-hydroentangled nonwoven material containing no binders or adhesives. Especially favorabel characteristics can be achieved through the selection of high-quality fibers in combination with the directional orientation of the fibers in the material. BöttcherTex Ultima is highly resistant to linting, and thus the accumulation of bothersome fiber residues on the blanket is reduced to a minimum. It is mechanically stable thanks to its fiber orientation in both directions (longitudinal and lateral).

The cleaning web exhibited impressive absorptive capacity, good capillary effects and good resistance to solvents during long-term testing on renowned manufacturer presses. Users of BöttcherTex Ultima are assured of a uniformy clean, dry blanket surface without bothersome droplet formation after cleaning.That serves as a guarantee of consistently high print quality.

The cleaning web is sold in lengths of 500 meter on maxi-rolls.

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