Böttcherin UV-Chameleon

Böttcherin UV-Chameleon is a wash that is capable of dissolving the various UV inks effectively. In spite of its flame point of 79°C, it evaporates...

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BöttcherTex Supreme

The BöttcherTex Supreme is a pre-impregnated cleaning cloth for use in automatic cloth-type washing units without detergent supply line.

The cloth is...

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Exchange programm 2015

With the start of the new year Böttcher has revised its roller exchange program.More information about our exchange roller programm and the current...

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BöttcherFount S-3007 K

BöttcherFount S-3007 K is a fountain solution additive suitable for sheet-fed and continuous form printing, particularly for alcohol reduction and...

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Böttcherin Solano

Böttcherin Solano is a further development of our Böttcherin Mistral.The detergent has a spontaneous emulsification and is therefore very suitable for...

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