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Böttcher introduces new Overvarnish Applicator material for beverage can coating

With the new Magicoat OV compound, Böttcher is extending the success of the Magicoat product series into the field of beverage can coating.

The flagship compounds for flat sheet metal and coil coating – Magicoat Plus 50 and Magicoat S 60 – have significantly extended the life of coating cylinders in metal decorating applications. The extremely low swell rates of these materials in just about any varnish keep margins open and extend regrinding intervals by anything up to 500%!

Now, the same formulations have been adapted to suit the coatings used in beverage canmaking and the high speeds in can coating and decorating lines. Feedback from customers has been very positive, and Böttcher anticipates rapid growth with the new compound.

In order to enhance OV applicator changeovers and at the same time reduce logistic time and cost, Böttcher has developed a rapid change sleeve system, shown below.

If you are interested in learning more about these new developments or testing Magicoat OV, please contact us under +49 221 4907-251.

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