Printing - The face of the product

Leading printing press manufacturers all over the world have relied on the quality and innovative power of Böttcher products for years, across the whole range of printing processes. Böttcher rollers and sleeves help printers get the most out of their presses in offset, gravure and flexographic printing applications.

Quality of its own design

Every rubber or polyurethane covering comes from the same development laboratories as our washes, founts and other products. Our rubber compounds are produced in one of the most modern rubber mixing plants in Europe. All production plants in the Böttcher Group are supplied with rubber from this central source, ensuring that our customers all over the world receive the same high quality, every time they place an order.

Coordinated products

Whether your business is digital proofing or prototyping or printing on offset, gravure or flexographic presses, whether your inks and coatings dry conventionally or by UV-curing, are water- or solvent-based, transfer with our without electrostatic support systems, Böttcher offers you not only the right covering material, but also the appropriate cleaning and maintenance supplies as well as a broad range of printing blankets and coating plates.

Special coatings

ProColora ink rollers and GoldenPearl vibrators prevent any ingress of ink components into the rollers and are much easier to clean than conventional roller coverings, significantly reducing make-ready times. They also help you print saleable copy more rapidly, minimize start-up waste and help with conformance to ISO 12674.