Production to the highest standards

  • “One-step” polyurethane covering process for roller with journals: no chance for acid to penetrate the covering trough seams and joins. This reduces downtime and protects the roller core
  • Clean-cut and stable edges on all surface profiles

BöttcherTec rollers:

Tailor-made for each step of the process

The needs and wishes  of the automotive industry have led to drastically higher demands in the quality of cold-rolled steel in recent years.

The BöttcherTec product range covers all steps in the process. For example, dedicated compounds for squeeze rollers in de-greasing baths or application rollers in coating units are available in hardnesses ranging from 70 to 90 Shore A (coating rollers from 40 Shore A upwards), so that you can configure the rollers to siut the specific age, design and condition of your equipment and processes. The same applies to all transport and forming processes and machinery: We offer specific materials for S-rolls, drive, pressure and stretch rollers as well as for winding, cutting and slitting equipment.

Specific compounds for each process step

  • Excellent chemical resistance to all types of oil, de-greasing and picking solutions (even aggressive mixed acid baths), no premature hardening and cracking
  • Temperature resistant up to 200°C, or higher if required
  • Outstanding mechanical properties prevent edge cutting and marking and contamination of multistage pickling and coating lines by solution remaining on the coil

Long roller life:

  • Roller maintain their mechanical and dynamic properties over a long period
  • Good resistance to edge cutting and marking
  • Maximum uptime and minimum maintenance cost