Coating is in vogue

Coated prints- especially for the packaging industry - often simply look better. The printed sheets are relatively insensitive to scratches and it sticks no paint on the hands. And, they are dry after the printing process and can be immediately processed further. Coating is in vogue!

Compressible under-packing material for coating plates

Böttcher compressible under-packing material for coating plates is available in both a non-adhesive and adhesive version and in various gauges. Such compressible under-packing material is the guarantee to always work with the appropriate total packing height, allows prompt and easy plate changes and prevents packing creep. It is made of soft and profiled PU having compressible properties, recovers quickly after every nip, optimizes the coating transfer, regulates the pressure in the nip areas, offsets irregularities in substrate and coating plate thickness, compensates for anilox roller vibrations and minimizes ink back-trapping.