BöttcherTec Roller coverings

Tailor-made for each process step

Böttcher roller coverings are designed and formulated to retain their hardness, dimensions and elastic properties, whether they are operating in a wet or dry process, an acid or alkaline environment and whatever temperatures are exposed to.


Making the most of our product

Printing Sleeves

For decades, Böttcher has manufactured and supplied more graphic rollers than any other roller manufacturer. This applies to all fields of printing, and to none more than Flexography. With rubber coverings specially formulated for Direct laser Engraving (DLE), Böttcher textile sleeves give you not only enhanced print quality, but reduced make-ready times and much greater longevity than conventional systems.

Temperature Resistance for Consistency and Longevity

  • At several points during the production process, the fabric (and with it the rollers) are subjected to high temperatures
  • Good temperature resistance of the rubber prevents premature scorching or breakdown and stabilizes the surface properties of the covering

Mechanical resistance to Wear and Tear

  • Whether in drawing or squeezing applications, the roller coverings are subjected to pressure and friction from fibres and fabric webs. Good mechanical properties ensure that the roller surface stays smooth and even.
  • Good cut and marking resistance also extends the roller´s productive life
  • It is also important that the rollers have excellent elastic properties, enabling them to keep up with today´s high-speed processes and machinery

Chemical resistance to Process chemicals

  • Textile manufacturing involves a wide range of chemicals: acid and alkaline solutions for processes such as sizing or mercerising, along with a variety of dyes and inks for decorating the fabric
  • At each stage of the process involving exposure of the rollers to these chemicals, the rubber has to be formulated to withstand any negative effects such as swell oder shrinkage, premature hardening or breaking up
  • Böttcher has state of the art laboratory facilities to simulate all chemical influences in the textile manufacturing process and ensure that the roller coverings you receive will serve a long and productive life