Sharing our cuctomers’ vision

Flexible and personal advisory

You will always reach someone who will handle your request with courtesy and competence and offer you a fast solution.

  • Your press is running, but you are not 100% satisfied by the quality?
  • Your fountaon solution is inclined to become cloudy?
  • For the unscheduled job that just came in you need to stock up on materials fort he weekend?

Reach fort he Telefone and call us, Böttcher. I fprompt actuion is needed because your stocks are running low, our distribution driver makes and extra run, without red tape and on demand.

Experts on Call

Our account manager goes with your printer directly to the press and helps him "tune up" the different components. He is a master printer or printing engineer and - like you - he learned the trade from the bottom up. For sepcialised chemical or technical analyses, he will conult our application technicians. This specialist leaves your pressroom only if and when a solution has been found.

Services at eye level

We seek and thrive on partnership and interaction and want to share your vision on each level of your enterprise. Because we know that human vision and determination are the motors of innovation, we want to be right there beside you as you move forwards into the future.

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