Advisory and support

Compatibility test - your materials examined carefully

Only well-balanced media ensure optimal and profitable processes. Particularly after acquisition of a new press, smooth printing is extremely important. In our laboratories, we test your inks and printing chemicals for any interaction with your blankets and printing rollers. You will receive detailed material and product recommendations in order to improve and ensure your workflow - right from the beginning.

Support by our application specialists - solution of your specific problems

With Böttcher products you decide for highest quality. They are the result of long and founded development. Our technical personnel advises you gladly, how you can use our products optimally. Every print job is individual and depends on a multiplicity of most different parameters. So, process disturbances can be minimized, even if they can never be excluded completely. For this case also, trained application technicians, engineers or skilled printers, from Böttcher give you support - by telephone or on-site. After detailed analysis, we help you systematically to find the solution of your problem and answer all your questions about printing. Close customer dialogue is very important to us. Because your feedback does not only help us to improve our products. Often, the search for a customized solution of your specific problem is for us the starting point of innovative developments. Many things should have been ready yesterday, therefore, simply give us a call, we look forward to you!