Components for digital printing: Rollers, seamless belts

Digital printing technologies: Inkjet, Solid Ink Jet, Electrophotography

The most common technologies in digital printing are: Inkjet-Printing, Electrophotography with toner, also called laser printing or LED-printing and Solid Ink Jet, a variant of inkjet printing with a waxy “ink”. By comprehensive material and manufacturing process development and intensive cooperation with OEMs, Böttcher has a broad material range for different requirements in


Laser printing developer rollers must achieve a defined ink application on the photoconductor. Transfer rollers or seamless transfer-belts with defect-free surfaces allow highest quality in the transfer of the image on the media. Böttcher offers solutions for solid and liquid toner applications based on polyurethane, rubber or high perfor- mance-plastics, like polyimide. Naturally also in defined electrical conductive qualities.


Inkjet paper transport rollers for wide-format-inkjet have to enable an absolutely precise and stable paper transport to avoid for example streaks and skewed paper transport. Our contribution hereto are friction stable EPDM paper transport rollers for wide-format-inkjet-printers, even for printing widths of up to 8 meters.