Overview over materials and capabilities for Digital Printing at Boettcher


Generally all Boettcher compounds are available for application in digital printing. Specially developed compounds for the use in digital printing are for example:

  • Polyurethanes (defined electrically conductive or for heavy duty applications)
  • EPDM (non blooming, electrically conductive)
  • ECO (defined electrically conductive)
  • NBR (electrically conductive)
  • Polyimide (high temperature resistant and/or defined electrically conductive)
  • Hardness range: 10 ShoreA up to 90 ShoreD
  • Specific resistance: 103-1015 Ωcm; 106 - 1010 Ωcm defined specific resistivity

All given data are typical values and depend on roller type.

Production process

  • mould casting
  • rotational casting
  • spray coating
  • dip coating
  • precision grinding
  • surface fine-polishing


  • Processing up to about 2 m in diameter and up to about 8 m in length
  • Grinding tolerances: runout, cylindricity, diameter: 0,03 mm
  • Surface: Rz < 1 µm, compressible layer structure