Harmony in the system - Offset printing

How does the dampening roller react to alcohol-free fountain solutions? Which effects does a new ink have on inking rollers and blankets? Despite automation and digitization, there is still a demand for the traditional virtues of the printing trade. Thies applies to the offest printer and naturally also to the partner who is responsible for replacement and conumable materials in the pressroom.

Without question: Böttcher is in its element in offset printing. here we can prove our systematic approach. Printing rollers, rubber blankets and printing chemicals. Each product by itself satisfies the highest requirements. But when interacting in a system, they excel, achieving quality which is to be only obtained if all components are perfectly balanced and compatible.

In the field of offset printing, we define ourselves more as a service provider than a product supplier. Böttcher supplies balanced solutions and at the same time our own, comprehensive know-how. We give security to the printer on the press by providing him with a competent and reliable partner on the way to attaining his own goals.

Our solutions are the connecting element between machine, ink and paper. The mechanical characteristics of the roller are coupled and optimised with the complex chemical processes. Stability and homogeneity guarantee unchanging conditions for smooth and economical production.