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Welcome to Felix Böttcher

Global market leader for rollers, sleeves, printing chemicals and printing blankets.

Retain the good things from tradition and create the new from our own strength.

With this ideal, Böttcher has developed for more than 290 years, today still a private company, which has expanded and established itself on the world market. Guarantors of our success are over 2,000 employees, who pursue two goals with equal dedication. First, we want to completely understand the subject with which we are occupied, and secondly, everything we do has to directly contribute to the benefit of our customers.


  • Böttcherin UV-Chameleon

    Böttcherin UV-Chameleon is a wash that is capable of dissolving the various UV inks effectively. In spite of its flame point of 79°C, it evaporates...

  • BöttcherTex Supreme

    The BöttcherTex Supreme is a pre-impregnated cleaning cloth for use in automatic cloth-type washing units without detergent supply line.

    The cloth is...