The law of the series – optimised to your use

Series production with care

Always the same homogeneous mixture for the material. Always consistent roller dimensions. Always the same precisely ground roller surface. That is the result of the careful programming and constant control of the machi­nes in our serial production.

Series production

Because we do the engineering for our production pro­cess ourselves. Böttcher Engineering is a separate de­partment, in which all work procedures are analysed. We examine opportunities for making the quality of our pro­ducts even more consistent with innovative processes. And – today of equal importance – how we can at the same time produce more economically for you.

Because we really leave nothing to chance, comprehen­sive quality assurance procedures ensure that all machi­ne errors in production are eliminated.

Pressroom chemicals and printing blankets

This philosophy also drives the mixing standards and pro­cesses for our printing chemicals. With central control in Germany, we supervise the regional blending and filling installations. Exactly the same approach applies to our range of blan­kets. With systematic tests and quality standards we test the uniform and defined compressibility of each roll, be­fore it is distributed to one of our world-wide converting locations.