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Böttcher launches the “Vita” series designed especially for package printing

Population growth and rising standards of living, most notably in Asia and Latin America, as well as progressive economic globalization have led to a situation in which food products and other goods travel farther and farther from producers to consumers. Goods must be protected against external influences during these long journeys, so that they reach consumers in top quality. In other words, they must be properly packaged.

Thus standards for packaging and packaging producers have become increasingly demanding in recent years – particularly in the food industry. The detection of undesirable residues of banned substances in packaging leads to consumer uncertainty and often generates substantial costs in every link of the distribution chain. Given the transparency of information in the global market, this can cause irreparable damage to the brand in question. An important aspect of efforts to prevent such damage is the consistent use of low-migration materials. In response to this insight, Böttcher has developed the “Vita” series of products for all printing processes, which have been tested and certified for chemical safety in food packaging applications by independent scientific institutes. For you as a user, the products of the “Vita” series offer a dependable foundation for safety in every phase of the printing process.

In Böttcher ProColora and ProAqualis, for example, special surface coatings effectively inhibit the migration of substance between inking and damping rollers and inks and other chemicals with which they come in contact. This provides a reliable guarantee that ingredients in rubber compounds are not carried by ink or fountain solutions into the finished product. When used in combination with the “Golden Pearl” coating for distributor rollers, washing and setup times between jobs are significantly reduced, thereby sustainably enhancing the productivity of the printing process.

The Vita series also comprises washes, fountain solutions and other printing aids that have been optimized and certified for use in low-migration printing. These include fountain solution additives that make it much easier to print with metal-pigment inks (VitaFount Gold).

Furthermore, Böttcher offers special roller covering materials that have been approved for direct contact with food. Your local Böttcher advisor will be happy to assist you in selecting the right material for your specific process.

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