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ProAqualis – The Newest Generation of Damping Rollers

Sheetfed offset press technology has developed at a rapid pace over the past several decades. Higher and higher printing speeds, faster setup times and increasingly high quality standards for print products have resulted in progressively more demanding requirements for printing chemicals, inks and of course rollers as well. Environmental considerations have also raised questions about such issues as the use of alcohol as a fountain solution additive and thus led to new requirements for water pan and damping metering rollers, for example.

Thus it comes as no surprise that Böttcher has focused much of its development work in the sheetfed offset segment on water pan and damping metering rollers. And these efforts have resulted in the development of a number of new products and product upgrades. In addition to continuous improvements in dynamic physical properties in response to the specific requirements of low-alcohol and alcohol-free printing, increasing effort has been invested in adjusting the chemical resistance of water pan rollers in recent years. This is due primarily to the chemical composition of modern ink systems and fountain solution additives, which often caused swelling in conventional damping rollers.

The ProAqualis water pan roller unites the optimum dynamic physical properties required for low-alcohol and alcohol-free printing with absolute chemical resistance to inks and fountain solution additives currently available in the market. This roller has a specially designed rubber base layer covered with a highly elastic functional layer that protects the rubber matrix against the chemical influences of inks and fountain solution additives while ensuring optimum fountain solution transport by virtue of its special surface structure. The best results are achieved in combination with fountain solutions with alcohol concentrations of 0%-8%.

ProAqualis damping rollers have been available for all standard sheetfed offset presses for about three years and are now installed as OEM components in Koenig & Bauer sheetfed offset machines. They have also been approved for use by other leading press manufacturers. ProAquilis rollers have also been used with success in the web offset segment. For detailed information about ProAqualis click here.

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