It’s all about people

At Böttcher, we seek to establish a system in direct partnership between your organisation and our team. A system for quality, which makes professional per­formance possible for both you and us.

That’s how we developed until today, remaining an innovative, medium-size company. Always directly oriented on what you, our customers, want. Always with the absolute will to achieve the highest quality. We have grown with the demands you placed on us. First within the field of rollers, then with the development of exactly matched printing chemicals and blankets. Today we are active in a range of applications far beyond the graphic arts industry.

A constant dynamic between innovation and tradition has developed. We translate values and professional ethics which have grown through many generations into ever better solutions to the evolving demands of our customers.

And always, we did it all ourselves. We rely on our own strengths to reach the quality standard the name Böttcher implies. We do our own research and development, produce the world over in our own manufacturing plants and have built up our own sales and service organisation. That’s how we would present Böttcher to you today: self-made quality as the basis for the economic success of our customers.