Environmental protection

An intact environment is our most precious property. As a producing enterprise and part of the chemical industry, we face it with a special responsibility. Therefore, apart from the adherence to all relevant standards, we rank the constant reduction of ecological loads among our substantial and central tasks.

Optimal disposal of rubber wastes

Tons of rubber wastes, which come up inevitably in large quantities during the roller recovering process, place us before particularly large challenges. The disposal of this waste rubber is made by certified specialized enterprises and used thermally for the generation of energy and for cement production.

Smaller waste load through roller recovering

The roller recovering system which has been practised in many industries for decades, can surely be considered as an outrider with regards to reusability of materials and thus the ecology. The exchange roller system, based on the re-use of used, but fully functional cores, has been developed particularly by Böttcher as a natural consequence, perfecting the industrial use of this system. The result: Less waste, less pollution and preserved resources.

Printing chemicals of Böttcher - environmental protection up to date

In respect of ecology, the German graphic arts industry is leading worldwide. In addition, the Böttcher chemistry makes an important contribution. Because Böttcher printing chemicals provide for lasting environmental protection. Both conventional and hardly evaporating biological detergents are CFC-free and free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Many liquid detergents have been developed particularly for filtration and thus for reusability. Most Böttcher detergents are water miscible and use the cleaning effect of a physiologically neutral product for elimination of lint and other water-soluble dirt particles. Only renewable raw materials are processed for Böttcher BIO detergents. They are bound to the natural cycle and fossil energies, harmful to the climate, are avoided.

Responsibility in respect of safety

Böttcher takes the own responsibility in respect of security and environmental protection particularly seriously. An environmental protection representative within the enterprise is at any time accessible for all interests of environmental protection. Give us a call, we help gladly.