Just around the corner - wherever you may be

For us, globalisation does not simply mean the absorption of external competence and capacities. Böttcher develops by transferring our own knowledge and our highly developed service to the international markets and, in response, learning from our international customers.

To all of them the world over, we offer a partnership for professional solutions with Böttcher.

We develop balanced solutions for the most diversified production conditions in all regions of the world: whether it's the water quality or the ambient temperature, specific aspects of the cemistry or local legal and enviroenmentnal requirements.

Our customers beneit from central Böttcher compounding plant in Gelsdorf, Germany. They can be assured that they will always receive the same high quality and precisely the same compound for their roller material. They can rely on our world-wide quality assurance system, which guarantees the characteristics of every Böttcher product.

Global presence

With our close network of production sites and branch offices we pursue everywhere in the world the goal of placing a competent partner by your side. Whether in Europe or in Asia, we are in your vicinity and can support you with local manufacturing capacity and with our comprehensive service. With this approach, we supply more than 80,000 customers in over 80 countries.